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Deposites Schemes

Recurring Scheme

Recurring Scheme

This is the easiest way to accumulate asset in long time with little discipline..
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Fixed Deposit Scheme

Fixed Deposit

A substantially large asset base can be created with onetime investment...
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Daily Deposit Scheme

Daily Deposit

A small contribution daily can create fortune for you...
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Monthly Income Scheme

Monthly Income

This scheme is specially suited for someone who wishes to get monthly earning,...
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Lokhit Bharti: Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd.

Crop Loan


Crop Loan

Lokhit Bharti offer crop Loan to meet all expenses involved in raising a particular crop including various agronomic practices.

Key Features:

  • Eligibility for the loan: All Farmers/ owner cultivators, tenant cultivators and share croppers/ individual Farmer having agreement with Institution.
  • Rate of Interest : Attractively low.
  • Repayment period will be less than one year for all Crops except in the case of long duration crop such as sugarcane, where it will be 12-18 months.
  • Minimum Formalities.
Button-up your golden dreams with tailor-made Lokhit Loans Gold. Crop Loan